The Woodlands Real Estate ServicesThe Woodlands Real Estate Services

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Find your place in The Woodlands Find your place in The Woodlands

Our years of experience and attention to your goals for a new home, make us the perfect choice to help you with any of your home selling or buying needs.

Sell your home Buy your Home

17+ Years of Experience

long-lasting relationships

founding resident of the woodlands

It’s fairly easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of real estate possibilities in The Woodlands. From stunning custom homes on acreage to upscale condominiums near shops and entertainment venues, the options are countless and the decision is yours to make. 

To make the right choice in this sought-after market, you need a knowledgeable, cunning real estate professional by your side. Buy or sell your dream home in The Woodlands and the surrounding areas with The Woodlands Realty. We’re a family-owned and operated realty company that balances the latest technologies, market research, and business strategies with the time-honored welcoming approach of trusted friend to surpass your expectations. 

With The Woodlands Realty, You’re In Good Hands

Our team of real estate professeionals are experts at finding solutions tailored to you tastes. With decades of experience, we’re The Woodlands real estate services experts. Extensive connections within the community enable us to know when there are properties for sale in this north Houston community before they hit the listing services. 

This website is full of information, including The Woodlands Texas real estate for sale. We’d greatly appreciate the chance to earn your business.

When looking to buy or sell The Woodlands properties, time shouldn’t go to waste. Contact The Woodlands Realty to start your real estate journey. 

Listings by Property Type

Lots Country Homes / Acreage

Country Homes / Acreage

There’s no doubt that some people love the hustle and bustle of the city. Others desire a more easy-going, quieter lifestyle.

View Country Homes / Acreage

Recognized as the Top New Home Salesperson in The Woodlands for 2 consecutive years

streets of Grogans Mill and the only school in the area was the brand new Lamar Elementary.
Steve became a licensed real estate agent during his freshman year in College, acquired The Woodlands Realty and launched the newly acquired entity and brokerage in 2018.

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