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What is Omniverse and how does it work?

Cloud native and multi-GPU enabled, Omniverse is a multi-layer platform built for the future. Based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) and powered by NVIDIA RTX technology, Omniverse is the answer to complex 3D workflows.

How much does it cost to develop with Omniverse?

It is free to develop Omniverse Kit SDK-based Extensions, Apps, and Microservices, or Omniverse Connect SDK-based Connectors on the Omniverse Platform. Developers can sell their own Apps, Extensions, Microservices, or Connectors on their own, or be featured in the Omniverse Exchange.

What is Nvidia Omniverse?

NVIDIA Omniverse is the first design collaboration platform we have seen built from the ground up to leverage modern GPU power to visualize the built environment. It will allow a new immersive and fully connected ecosystem for complex model federation and visualizations

What are the Omniverse kit extensions?

Every Omniverse app, such as Omniverse Create or Omniverse View, is composed of a collection of specific Omniverse Kit Extensions. Extensions can be leveraged by developers in building their own workflows for faster time to development, with more regularly being created by NVIDIA or third parties.


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