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Silence is Superpower

 we're not conventional. Rather,
we're wd-be paraversal platform -
parallelly universal, meta-mix-multiversal.

Amalgamation of AI AR VR MR

Quantum Synthetic

Granule Power  Ion Power  IoE

Metaverse   Mixverse   Multiverse


SpRacing(Space Racing)


Life Need Multiverse ?

Love ‘n Let Love

 we're trying three types of platforms :
type one: open platform, allaboutbyall - check it out
type two: close platform, check both MyS and Sci-Fi-Verse out
type three: open and/or close platform, check both SFHpurple and MCB out

Live ‘n Let Live

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myM3verse is wd-be de facto dystopia or ultimate utopia !

Mhmd Mohiuddin Mohi
Founder  ‘n CEO, myM3verse